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Escort to the X Games – Travis Hanson and his Fans

-by Aaron Pierce



It started with a little chatter in the forums, but word quickly spread of grassroots rally car driver Travis Hanson's invitation to X Games and his cross-country, New Hampshire-to-Los Angeles road trip to get there.


Hanson met with fans and supporters just outside New York City at Giants Stadium, and followed that with a barbecue at Broken Motorsports ( in Union City, New Jersey. He then went down the road eventually to meet a large contingent of fans at Tom Wood Subaru ( in Indianapolis, Indiana. The local Indiana Impreza Club ( showed its support by sponsoring Hanson. The club's sticker was on the back of his car.


After chatting with fans and even local city officials about rally, Hanson loaded his car back into the trailer and took off. He was joined by several Subaru owners who drove an escort with him, in formation, down Interstate 465 and sent him off with good wishes from Indianapolis.


At X Games Hanson set the third fastest seeding time in Rally Car Racing, in a Super Production car, automatically placing him in the quarterfinals. However, he later rolled his car in spectacular fashion after catching a rut in the dirt. While not medaling, Hanson was the first competitor to roll his car during X Games Rally since the legendary Colin McRae rolled his.


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