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Drive Performance WRX:
Part 2 – The Exterior

Travel History

We have made eight major trips in the Drive Performance WRX, and we couldn't be happier with the car. It demonstrates its inherent versatility with our use. We know it's a good foundation for a rally and road racer. The number of you having success with the WRX in autocross and rallycross shows how well it does in those arenas.

Plus, we see enough WRX models daily to assure us of their capabilities as a daily driver.


The WRX is an excellent touring car as well. We've traveled 12,201 miles in it so far this year across country to the east and west, and we love it. To see how much, read what we had to say about these trips in the Editor's Track Journal.


Major trips:

  • From Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Drive Performance headquarters)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Lakeville, Connecticut (Subaru Road Racing Team – SRRT – at Lime Rock Park)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Watkins Glen, New York (SRRT at Watkins Glen International and Subaru Rally Team USA – SRT  USA – at Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Lexington, Ohio (SRRT at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Lafayette, Indiana (SIA Subaru Challenge)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Troy, Michigan (test-drive a 2011 WRX STI Sedan), to Millville, New Jersey (SRT USA at New Jersey Motorsports Park)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Tooele, Utah (SRRT at Miller Motorsports Park)
  • Round trip Milwaukee to Millville, New Jersey (SRT USA at New Jersey Motorsports Park)
  • At Lime Rock Park, Connecticut.
  • At Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.
  • Overlooking Salt Lake City, Utah.


Mileage and Maintenance



At the end of the major traveling for 2010, we have accumulated 12,201 miles since May 14. We'll do better next year.


Fuel Consumption:

508.6 gallons



24.0 miles per gallon


So far, we've taken the DP WRX to Sommer's Subaru in Mequon, Wisconsin, four times for maintenance. Maintenance was made easier by having purchased a Subaru Added Security maintenance plan. It covers regular maintenance for the first 36,000 miles. We drove in with the car, then drove out without having to pay anything out of pocket.


Other expenses to date include the wrap, of course, and the design work that made wrapping the car possible. We have other incidental expenses as well.


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