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Origins: Subaru in American Rallying – Part 3

2005 Rim of the World Rally participation.


2005 Rim of the World Rally – preparation by VSC (top), anticipation by Travis Pastrana  and Ken Block (bottom).


2005 Season


Following Pastrana’s success in his first rallies, VSC, with increased support from SOA and sponsorship from Red Bull® and others, upped the ante in 2005 by entering seven of the eight rounds in the newly formed championship.


In his first rally in nearly a year, Pastrana managed an incredible 2nd-place finish behind former WRC champion Stig Blomqvist, who was also in a WRX. Despite more good finishes, Pastrana only managed to finish 4th in the championship. The title went to Patrick Richard of Canada in a WRX, while Blomqvist came in 2nd.


The big surprise, though, was the 3rd-place finisher in the championship – Ken Block. A year previously, Pastrana had suggested to VSC that his friend (and co-founder of DC Shoes, one of Pastrana’s sponsors) should try rallying. After impressing VSC, Block’s privately sponsored Subaru was included as part of the VSC team all season, and his consistent driving earned him Rookie of the Year honors. 


Photo: Lars Gange /

2006 SeasoN


With Pastrana and Block garnering increased awareness of rallying in America, it was only appropriate that SOA resurrect SRT USA. The official team’s smart blue and yellow color scheme would be back in full force for the 2006 season. The team was to be managed by VSC, with Pastrana and Block as official factory drivers.


The new SRT USA was ready to rock ‘n’ roll.


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