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Rally in America

How Subaru Rally Team USA Fits In

Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA) has had an active role in all four types of rally. For the 2011 season, SRT USA will vie once again for the RallyCar National Championship. After winning the championship four years in a row, it slipped away from the team in 2010. The team is anxious to reclaim it.

Based on past performances, invitations to X Games Rally events are likely.

In addition, SRT USA is evolving its cars to meet the new challenges of Rallycross.

Commented James Han, motorsports marketing manager for Subaru of America, Inc.: "With an expanded Rallycross season expected for 2011 (from 2010), we’ll identify which events make the best sense across the different series from a marketability perspective. I feel that momentum for SRT USA through the various event opportunities is very promising, and selecting the events we compete in won’t be taken lightly.

"Interestingly enough, each of the three types of rally-related events really requires its own, unique approach to competing as a team."

Fans Are the Winners

All in all, events in which SRT USA participates have been designed for greater access by race fans. With each passing year, keeping up with SRT USA and other rally teams is easier due to increased personal attendance, television coverage, and presence online (teams’ websites and various videos). Special stages in stage rally, the television broadcasts of X Games, and the accessibility provided by road-racing circuits expand SRT USA’s exposure to its fans.


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