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X Games 16 Rally Notebook



Saturday, July 31, 2010


Morning practice also included testing of different course layouts. As tight as some of the turns were in the final layouts, some of the tentative courses were tighter, and practice sessions proved them to be almost impossible.


The teams practiced the rally car as well as the Super Rally tracks. As spectators, we weren't sure of the layouts even after the last practice session.


Up to this point, only media people, those affiliated with the teams, and Coliseum personnel comprised the audience in the vast stadium.


A Great Crowd


Later on, the doors opened. Spectators flowed in at a constant rate, filling the vendor areas between the gates and the stadium seats. They came into the stands with food and souvenirs. They were vocal, too, and the stadium seemed to magnify their cheers and collective gasps. What a great place this must be for all sorts of sporting events!


Rally Car Racing pairings and final results can be found here. 


Heat race and final results for Super Rally can be found here 


It was not SRT USA's day. The team had introduced its 2011 rally cars for the event, but teething problems and an unfortunate off-course excursion or two ended the day early for all three drivers.


In the end, the days had been sunny with clear skies, and the nights were cool. Dust pervaded everything.


And SRT USA moved on.


SRT USA and Other Subaru Teams at X Games 16 Rally







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