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Origins: Subaru in American Rallying – Part 4



Photo: Lars Gange |

The rest of the season follows accordingly. Pastrana wins his first Rally America event three weeks later at the Ojibwe Forests Rally in northern Minnesota. He goes on to win three more rallies in the remainder of the nine-event season and is crowned champion in the final round at the Wild West Rally in Washington state.


We must not forget about the supporting role played by Ken Block. He finished 3rd in X Games and took 2nd in the Rally America National Championship.


Truth certainly is stranger than fiction. The year was 2006, and no scriptwriter was needed. This is what really happened. SRT USA managed an outstanding season. The future for the team, after some ups and downs in the previous years, looked bright.


Behind SRT USA’S Return to Rally

“After the devastating loss of Mark [Lovell] and Roger [Freeman] in 2003, Subaru Rally Team USA took a hiatus for the following two seasons. Even still, SOA continued supporting rally in the U.S. by making the largest contingency investment in the sport beginning in 2004, which we’ve continued each year thereafter.

“Re-establishing our partnership with Vermont SportsCar in 2004 and having Travis [Pastrana] and Ken [Block] successfully complete our driver identification process, 2006 felt to be the right year for the team to make its historic return. In that year, SRT USA swept X Games, Travis won the first of his four consecutive Rally America National titles with Subaru, and Ken finished 2nd overall in the championship hunt.”

– James Han



In the next issue we will continue the history of SRT USA with a look back at the 2007 Rally America National Championship season and the second running of X Games Rally competition. 


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