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Subaru Drive Performance WRX Part 4 – Mechanical




The SPT shield helps to keep the engine cool and improves the appearance of the engine compartment. It is designed to attach above the turbocharger using existing bolt locations. 


Hetzel removed the existing bolts, then adjusted the shield above the turbocharger and attached it using new bolts from the heat shield kit.




The blue battery tie-down and oil cap were installed simply by replacing the original components with them. Be sure to remove the gasket from the oil cap and fit it to the SPT unit.





Of the six wheels that we posted in our poll asking readers to help choose wheels for DP WRX, two of them together garnered almost 55 percent of the vote. They were both the same style of O.Z. wheels – one dark gray and the other red. Tops in the voting by 3.7 percent were the gray ones, so we ordered them from


Along with the wheels, we ordered transmitters for the car’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The original-equipment wheels had TPMS transmitters, but we wanted to keep the snow tires mounted on those wheels.


Matt Hetzel installed the transmitters and the original-equipment performance tires on the O.Z. wheels. He then mounted the wheels on the car.


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