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Letters from Readers



I’m new to the rally-racing circuit, and my race car is a 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. I’ve done two championship races so far this year in my Subaru and plan on doing the last two in the Rally America series. 


I’ve also been accepted for the “Climb to the Clouds” race on Mt. Washington, June 22-26, 2011! I will be the only woman driver and I’m looking forward to driving my Subaru up the mountain! 


My Impreza has been an awesome, safe, and reliable car! I also just purchased a 2011 WRX STI Sedan for my daily drives! 


I love the Subaru world! No one ever waved at me in any of my other vehicles. Now total strangers in their Subies honk and wave all the time! My son has a 2003 WRX, and pretty soon we’ll be adding another Impreza to our list.


Add me to your list of fans!


-Tracey L. Gardiner, North Providence, RI





As a 71-year-old confirmed car nut who owns several V-8 automobiles, including four classic cars, I never seriously considered owning a Subaru with a four-cylinder engine. That was until my wife bought a new Outback in 2005 and another new Outback in 2008. We really like the features of the Outback for long trips, scooting around town, and for transporting our three greyhounds.


In January of 2010, I asked for a test drive of a 2010 WRX and was so impressed I bought it on the spot. The turbo performance and superb handling completely satisfies driving challenges, which include mountain terrain. 


After presenting ideas to my painter, he applied side stripes, hood stripes, and blue pin-striping to enhance the appearance of a really quick auto. The car catches a lot of attention. The WRX was entered in a car show the summer of 2010 and garnered a first place trophy in its class.


My spouse and I are sold on Subaru.


-Gary Wittmuss, Stagecoach, NV


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