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The rear window of my 2002 WRX wagon was forlorn, sporting only the original SCCA/Subaru sticker all these past years. However, around six months ago, the Subaru Badge of Ownership program caught the eye of my wagon, whose name is “Lil Blue.” She begged me to get some for her window. Since she provides me with lots of fun, I gave in to her wishes. 


There have been three Subaru vehicles in the family, thus the third badge. She also proudly sports badges for the environment, music/arts (guitar player), performance, and rallying, my favorite motorsport.


Of course, we must not forget that each badge adds at least 10 hp!


–Serge Small, Coconut Creek, FL





I wanted to show how we ended up mounting our Badge of Ownership on our 2008 Forester. We had actually mounted the Badge of Ownership in several different locations on the vehicle, including areas on the back door, side, and lower front windshield, but nothing looked quite right. We wanted it to stand out on its own and not be masked by the other upgrades done around the car. 


I am a mechanical engineer and stumbled upon an idea while making a mounting bracket for a piece of test equipment at work. It was a simple bracket CNC machined from a piece of AL 6061-T6. With only a few dimensional changes, the bracket design was adapted to fit the car and mounted using the two bolts from the rear license plate. I contracted a local shop in town to make the part and had them sandblast it to match the trim on the back door. It was fairly simple, but it achieved the look we wanted.


–The Prisco Family, Jacksonville, FL 


Editor’s note: See the Prisco Family’s 2008 Forester XT, which has been modified to be a U.S. version of the Forester STI in the Reverse section of Drive Performance Version 6.2.


Order your free Subaru Badge of Ownership at



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