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Tail of the Dragon


While returning to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from a road race in which Subaru Road Racing Team was involved at VIRginia International Raceway (Alton, Virginia) in May, I routed myself to Tennessee. I had heard about an 11-mile section of U.S. Route 129 there called Tail of the Dragon; it has more than 300 turns in that length of roadway.

Tail of the Dragon is a favorite of motorcyclists, and shops at either end of it cater to their presence. The road reinforces my description of such roads as “Motorcycle Roads.” They’re great fun. This drive in Tennessee proved intense, and I’d rank it among the top five that I’ve experienced in the United States. The scenery is terrific, too, both on Tail of the Dragon and at either end.

Ride along with me here.

More about the entire round trip in the Drive Performance WRX can be found here.

Google "Tail of the Dragon" for more specifics about it.


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