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2011 Wicked Big Meet


Subaru Badge of Ownership and Subaru Gear


 Jake Picken (left) and Kevin Walsh (right).

For those unfamiliar with the Badge of Ownership, here is my take on it. The badge is a customizable piece of flair to show one’s personality and interests. It lives mounted proudly on the back of one’s Subie. One piece in particular allows a driver to name what generation Subaru they own. This is an opportunity for Subaru owners to flex their passion and essentially broadcast their loyalty. The badge serves like mobile bragging rights to other Subaru owners on the road. It is a nice personal touch to one’s car. If you have a Subaru and don’t have a badge, please consider it. They are free of charge.


At the event, Jake and I promoted the Badge of Ownership as well as, another great program which provides all your Subaru-branded gear and apparel needs. These include WRX and STI performance wear. I enjoyed conversing with Wicked Big Meet attendees about these programs.


Beyond the Agenda


As conversations continued through the day, I noticed my comfort level growing with the participants. After covering my agenda, I enjoyed getting to know the enthusiasts and how they interacted with our cars and the overall Subaru brand. I felt comfortable striking up a conversation with any of the attendees because everyone was so welcoming and approachable. Try doing that in the streets of Philadelphia with a passerby; it just doesn’t happen.


I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s Subaru background and all the festivities of the event. I highly recommend that any owners attend this type of Subaru-driven event whenever possible.


So go out there and meet other members of your extended Subie family!


Find photos that Kevin Walsh took at Wicked Big Meet here.


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