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Families of Subaru Motorsports Teams: Bil, Tod, and Bret Spaude


Divergent Approaches


Although from the same family, the three Spaudes have different approaches to racing. Bil and Bret have similar driving styles and requirements from Tod. Bil commented, “Bret and I drive similarly. We drive with what you give us.


“For Bret’s dad, it had to be perfect. If you touched the brakes in a go-kart, it had to stop. Right now. I wanted to stop when I got to the bumper of another kart.



“We’re just completely different. I drove what I had, and Bret drives whatever he has, too. For Tod, it’s got to be right. If it wasn’t right, he’d come in, park it, and say, ‘You’ve got to fix the brakes.’ I’d say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with the brakes.’ But he wouldn’t get back in the kart until we fixed the brakes the way he wanted them.”


Despite their divergent requirements for equipment, Bil was heavily involved in Tod’s racing career. Bil said, “We’d run nine different classes here at Daytona. We would hardly talk. I built lifts to lift up the kart. He’d push the kart in, and I’d have another kart there. He’d say, “Da-da-da-da-da.” I would start him, come back, and work on the kart.


“People thought we were mad at each other because we just didn’t talk. I knew what my job was. I did certain things. He did certain things. I didn’t do what he did. He didn’t do what I did.”


Bret added, “Two years ago, I did the same exact thing. I ran nine races in two days. I literally was in every race group except for one or two each day. There’s 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 45 minutes, 45 minutes, 30 minutes – you know, those are the race times. They’re all back-to-back.


“I’d get off the track, push the kart back, and the next one would be sitting there waiting for me. I’d go up and be waiting to start the next race and tell them what to go do with the other kart.


“I think Dad said he might have watched four laps of racing in two days. In and out, in and out.”


When asked who is the most competitive of the three, Bil replied, “Who wanted to win the most? Probably Tod. He was totally focused on what he did. Who’s the better driver? Probably Bret.”


Has Bil ever raced against Bret? Bil answered, “Once. There was no competition.”

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