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Families of Subaru Motorsports Teams

  Andrew and Joe Aquilante after Andrew qualified for the pole position for the GRAND-AM GS race at Homestead-Miami
  Speedway in 2009.

Even a casual look at those in the paddock, service areas, and pits who support the Subaru Motorsports teams' drivers and co-drivers reveals the extent to which families are involved. Fathers, sons, grandfathers, brothers, and spouses all play important roles in the road racing and rally teams.


Perhaps you've heard that "... racing is in the blood ..." of someone involved in the sport, whether he or she be a driver, team owner, car builder, technician, or working at racing in some other way. Subaru Motorsports teams both have family members who put that saying into a literal context.


Members of two families with strong ties to different forms of racing and performance vehicles figure prominently in the Subaru Road Racing Team (SRRT). First, the Aquilante family: Team owner Joe Aquilante of Subaru partner Phoenix Performance fields SRRT. His son, Andrew, is one of the drivers of the #35 WRX STI Sedan in the GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series. Joe's wife, Jeanne, is the comptroller for Phoenix Performance, and she often can be found around the paddock and pits on race weekends.


SRRT driver Bret Spaude is far from the first member of his family to don a racing helmet. Along with Bret, his grandfather, Bil, and father, Tod, are karting champions. Bil usually works along with SRRT during the Continental Tire series races.


Members of another family actively take part in Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA). Subaru Partner Vermont SportsCar builds and campaigns the rally and rallycross cars for SRT USA. It's headed by team owner Lance Smith. Taking part in the family business are brothers Colin and WeeGee as well as Lance's wife, Carolyn Bosley. 


In addition, one of the drivers – David Higgins – hails from a racing family that runs a rally school in Wales. 


Racing is in the blood at Subaru.


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