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Subaru Drive Performance WRX Part 5 – The Interior

Interior modifications were the last ones made to bring the Drive Performance WRX (DP WRX) to its current state. Here is what we accomplished with available parts and accessories from Subaru.


We didn't wait to add our interior parts to the DP WRX. We had the interior parts and accessories installed when the performance exhaust system, braces, and wheels were added in March at Sommer's Subaru in Mequon, Wisconsin. The car kept Service Technician Matt Hetzel busy that day, especially with the installation of the two major interior pieces that we had for it. 


The last three issues of Drive Performance covered the exterior and mechanical modifications. In addition, articles and Editor's Track Journal entries at have chronicled all journeys with the car from its home base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Shift Knob


Installation couldn't be easier.


Pull down the top of the boot from around the bottom of the knob that's on the shifter. The boot snaps over a collar at the bottom of the knob.


Then unscrew (turning counterclockwise) the existing knob and screw on the new one. Slip the top of the boot over the collar around the bottom of the new shift knob.

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