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Subaru Drive Performance WRX Part 5 – The Interior

10" Powered Subwoofer



While the radio was removed from the car, Hetzel also worked on installing the Genuine Subaru Accessories® subwoofer for the 2010 WRX. Installation required routing wiring under the trim covers from the driver-side front to the rear. Trim panels and weather stripping had to be removed.


Removing the trim requires great care - both in removing the clips and the panels themselves. Follow directions carefully. Hetzel used special trim tools to help avoid damage.


In the trunk, the trunk liner had to be unclipped.


Hetzel attached the subwoofer wiring to the factory wiring harness, following it to the back of the car.


In the trunk, Hetzel folded down the trunk liner. Along the back side of the car, he inserted a bolt from the back of the body structure. The bolt protruded through a hole in the trunk liner when the liner was replaced.


The subwoofer hooks along the cargo floor, and a thumb nut holds it in place on the bolt. Excess wiring was tucked under the trunk liner.


Once the subwoofer was connected to the audio unit and tested, Hetzel reinstalled the trim pieces, weather stripping, radio, and parts of the dashboard.

Read more about the Genuine Subaru Accessories 10" Powered Subwoofer in Summer 2011 Drive.


Read about our travels with the Drive Performance WRX - including reactions to playing the audio system with the subwoofer - in the Editor's Track Journal.



Parts List
Although the list of parts installed in the cabin is short, these parts figure prominently in our travels. The parts include:

STI Shift Knob
(C1010FG000 [5 M/T])

Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) Vacuum/Turbo Boost Gauge

Genuine Subaru Accessories 10" Powered Subwoofer
The shift knob is always a part of changing gears in the transmission, of course, so the driver has to be comfortable with it. A round ball on top of the shifter suits those of us on staff who drive the car. The boost gauge provides insight into what the engine is doing rather than totally trusting our senses - whether accelerating, maintaining an even speed, or backing off the gas. We can't say enough about how positively the subwoofer has affected the car's level of audio entertainment when traveling. Once you have one of these in your vehicle, you don't want to go back.


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