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Subaru Motorsports: 2011 Review




Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA)


Stage rally, rallycross, X Games, and a hillclimb were on SRT USA’s schedule for 2011 – all before the beginning of August! The various disciplines required significantly different race cars.


The 2011 Rally America National Championship for stage rally consisted of six rallies. In the #40 and #75 WRX STI rally cars fielded by Subaru partner Vermont SportsCar, Dave Mirra/Marshall Clarke and David Higgins/Craig Drew earned the podium seven times. Higgins/Drew had three 1st-place and two 2nd-place finishes, and Mirra/Clarke had one 2nd and one 3rd. In the end, Higgins and SRT USA won the National Championship by five points.


In separately prepared rallycross cars, Dave Mirra entered the first two of three Global RallyCross Championship events. In them, he garnered enough points to place 5th in the championship standings. David Higgins entered the 3rd event and finished 4th. (Find more at


Photo: Lars Gange |

Meanwhile, Higgins took part in the celebration of the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s 150th anniversary by competing in the Climb to the Clouds Hillclimb. Higgins blistered the mountain, knocking nearly 30 seconds off the previous record. His fastest time for the 7.6-mile ascent was 6 minutes, 11.54 seconds. (Find more at and in the Editor’s Track Journal.) Watch the team’s video of the ascent.


Both SRT USA drivers participated in the two rally-related events of X Games 17 – Rally Car racing as well as RallyCross. See John Rettie’s X Games 17 Notebook for coverage.


For more on SRT USA and its season, visit the team’s website.



SRT USA Performance in the 2011 Rally America National Championship
Event Date/Location Drivers Finishing Position Driver Standings
Round 1
Sno*Drift Rally
January 28-29
Atlanta, MI
David Higgins DNF1
Dave Mirra 2 2
Round 2
100 Acre Wood
February 25-26
Salem, MO
David Higgins 2 4
Dave Mirra 3 2
Round 3
Olympus Rally
April 30
Ocean Shores, WA
David Higgins 1 3 (tie)
Dave Mirra 4 2
Round 4
Oregon Trail Rally
May 13-15
Portland, OR
David Higgins 1 1
Dave Mirra DNF2 -
Round 5
Susquehannock Trail Rally
June 3-4
Wellsboro, PA
David Higgins 1 1
Dave Mirra 5 4
Round 6
New England Forest Rally
July 15-16
Newry, ME
David Higgins 2 1
Dave Mirra 4
1 Engine
2 Accident
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