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2013 Subaru brz

Long anticipated by enthusiasts, the BRZ brings back the  performance and superb handling of a traditional sports car.


American GI car enthusiasts returning from tours of duty in Europe during the late 1940s and early 1950s brought back impressions of an ideal sports car: It should have two doors and be lightweight, maneuverable, and fun to drive. GIs brought home a number of European examples, which became the forefront of club racing across America.


Since then, that formula for sports car design has been revisited a number of times, and every variant ignites enthusiasts’ pulses.


Subaru engineers gave their BRZ a contemporary technological application of the same formula. It’s an athletic sports car featuring low vehicle weight, an ultra-low center of gravity, and precise steering. Its naturally aspirated, horizontally opposed, SUBARU BOXER engine cranks out 200 horsepower. Inside are comfortable 2+2 seating, folding rear seats, and sufficient cargo space for hauling four race tires and basic tools to track days. The BRZ combines safety, quality, practicality, and performance ... and it arrives in Subaru dealerships this spring!


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