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2013 Subaru brz


Design – Modern Sports Car Meets Classic GT


Aerodynamic Exterior



The BRZ has a thoroughly modern, cut-ting-edge Subaru appearance. Its swept-back roofline, bulging front fenders, short overhangs, and pronounced rear haunches give it a lean, athletic stance. It recalls classic GT sports cars without becoming retro, with recognizable elements from the Subaru family: high-tech, hawk-eye headlights; hexagonal lower grille; and six-star logo.


The front-end packaging for the ultra-low center of gravity gives the BRZ a fun-to-drive appearance. A low hood and complementary bulging fenders contribute to its character.


The flared fenders punctuate the car’s powerful appearance from the side, too. Aerodynamics are enhanced by the shape of the C-pillars, the sloping rear glass, and the trunk lid.


At the rear, the wheel arches and compact cabin signify the car’s wide stance and stability. Note, too, the large diffuser under the rear end.


Excellent aerodynamics achieved by optimized airflow over and under the car help to reduce fuel consumption. Undercovers beneath the engine and transmission as well as flaps in front of the tires contribute to excellent aerodynamics.


Interior Command Center


Inside, the focus is on driver involvement. The sport seats were designed specifically for the BRZ, and the instrument panel is easy to read at a glance. The panel features a large, center-mounted tachometer and an analog speedometer mounted to the left. A digital speedometer is integrated in the tach, and fuel and temperature gauges are located on the right.


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