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2013 Subaru brz


Chassis Design – Precision and Responsiveness






At the front, the BRZ has a lightweight and highly rigid MacPherson strut suspension. Tuned for the BRZ, the front suspension features low strut mounts to help reduce the center of gravity and achieve a low hood line. A familiar Subaru L-shaped lower arm is used, but reversed from other Subaru models to allow the engine to be mounted closer to the ground, which enhances handling.


The rear suspension utilizes a Subaru signature double-wishbone design to provide predictable at-the-limit control.




The power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system has a quick steering gear ratio (13.1:1), which helps to improve steering response through more immediate turns based on driver input. It maximizes the feel of the road.


Brakes and Chassis Electronics


The BRZ has electronic stability and traction control featuring a sports mode and a total of five settings, including “off.” These allow the driver to select a mode that best suits road and weather conditions as well as driving style.


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