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Families of Subaru
Motorsports Teams:
David Higgins and Family


All in the Family



Mark and David were not the first in their family to drive competitively. David elaborated, “My grandparents from my mum’s side of the family started competing in 1963, I think. Then my mum started competing.


“My dad was a mechanic, and he started fixing my granddad’s car. That’s how he and my mum got together. They started rallying. I think my dad did his first rally in 1968.”


With that for a family background, it seems a natural progression for Mark and David to compete on four wheels.


“My brother and I raced karts for years against each other, and there were times when we were racing and my dad would be in a go-kart, too.


“Once we all did Manx International [rally]. We’re going back a few years, when my mum and dad were in a rally car together. They won their class, and my brother won his class, and I won my class – all in the same event. So that was quite a big weekend.


“So, obviously, rally is something that’s all in the family. We’ve been doing it a long time.”


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