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Families of Subaru
Motorsports Teams:
David Higgins and Family


Higgins Forest Experience Rally School



Involvement in rally led the family to take over a rally school in Wales. “When we were living on the Isle of Man, we started competing more,” explained David. “It became more and more difficult to get to the U.K. to compete. So we started working at a rally school there between events.


“One day they said, ‘Your family should buy it.’ That was a bit of a joke, but six months later we sold our business on the Isle of Man and bought the rally school. We developed it.


“For the first few years, we ran it as a family business. Then my brother got busy with his rallying, and he went away from it. I was always involved when I could be.


“Then last year my parents retired, and I took over the business from them as well. My dad still has some involvement. You don’t just walk away from something you built up. But when he wants to be, not because he has to be.”


David has been involved in the school in a number of ways. He started as a mechanic, fixing the cars, and Mark taught. Their father was also a mechanic, but he taught, too.


“Now I do all the marketing for the school,” said David. “My wife and I run the business side. We run the website, the vouchers, the gift days. I make sure the workshops run together. I teach as much as I possibly can when I’m home and in between the American schedule. I’m probably in the car two days a week of every week. It’s pretty full.


“The business is there because of our name. If I’m not there enough, it’s too easy for it to fall away. So you have to put the work in.”

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