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Subaru on Facebook – Like US!


Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) has its own Facebook page. Discover links and information via a number of buttons on the site:

  • Wall
  • Info
  • Latest News
  • Events
  • Dog Tested
  • Badge of Ownership
  • TV Commercials
  • Photos
  • Videos


You’re probably familiar with Wall and Info. Items such as Badge of Ownership and Dog Tested are uniquely Subaru. Check them out. This list will help you keep up with everything Subaru, and it will change as new programs are introduced.


Then “Like” Subaru on Facebook to keep up with the latest from SOA – company news; Drive Performance enthusiast magazine and website features; Drive owner magazine and website features; and national, regional, and local events. Connect with Subaru partners and other owners with interests similar to yours!


You can “Like” Subaru on Facebook and also follow Subaru on Twitter.



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If you sign up for an e-subscription on the website under the Subscriptions button on the home page (below the In This Issue cover image), you’ll receive an email alerting you about new content on the site. The email provides direct links to stories and regular features.
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