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Time to Revisit MySubaru!



Subaru has redesigned and updated the MySubaru site to make it easier for you to use, with added functions. MySubaru is an Internet home for you and your Subaru, whether you own one now or intend to do so in the future. To find MySubaru either:

MySubaru also can be accessed using your mobile device.


Use your email address, password (quick to set up if you don’t already have one), and Vehicle Identification Number to enter. Do you have a name for your Subaru? Is it “Roo,” “Scubie,” “Roxanne,” “Bob,” or something else? Upload your vehicle’s name and a photo of it to your MySubaru page!


There is ready access to the most frequently asked-for Subaru resources, such as your Owner’s Manual(s) (now easier to use), information on multimedia and electronics features, Roadside Assistance, Subaru Added Security, and vehicle car care tips.


To view an informative video that highlights the site’s improvements, click on the “For Owners” tab at Find the video under “MySubaru Vehicles.”


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