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48hrs of tristate - THree days of passion





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48HRS of Tristate is not the only way that Subaru fans raise money for charity. Scoobies for Boobies is an enthusiast organization that raises funds for breast cancer awareness. Find out more at
We’d like to recognize other organizations and cruises that raise money for charity. Tell us about your experiences with similar events.
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“Just about everyone has been affected by cancer,” commented Sarah Taylor. “This group has had family members who have had cancer. That’s what brings other people to do the event.”


Kyle Mehling: “Fundraising has grown in leaps and bounds since the first one, when a couple thousand dollars was pretty incredible. It’s a perfect match to do the fundraising with the drive. While I’m sure the people would have fun doing the same drive and removing the charity aspect from it, that’s not what Subaru people are all about. That’s what makes this charity drive what it is.”


Sarah Taylor: “I’m very familiar with fundraising, so that combined with knowing people who were already on the trip made me think that it’s time I got involved with this. The combination of fundraising and road trip got me to go.”


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