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48hrs of tristate - THree days of passion


48HRS of Tristate 2013



Sarah Taylor: “It’s refreshing to see people getting involved in an event for a common cause. I think people like being part of a group, and being part of a group that does such a great thing is even more reason to participate. You get to drive amazing roads and meet wonderful people.


“Of course, the CB radios keep things interesting …”


Planning for next year’s event is already under way. Here’s what we know at this point:

  • Who: Subaru fans
  • When: January 18-20
  • Where: to be determined


Consult for information about registration, etc., later this year. Hope to see you there!


Taking the Cruise
Something New
The drive always has something new – something different. Previous drives have taken the group to Niagara Falls, New York. Four years ago, 48HRS visited the Subaru Distributors Corporation in New York and the Vermont SportsCar shops in Vermont. (Vermont SportsCar builds and fields the Subaru Rally Team USA rally cars.) Three years ago, it revisited Vermont SportsCar, then journeyed on to Lake Placid, New York. Last year, the group drove to Subaru of Indiana Automotive in Lafayette, Indiana, then returned to the metropolitan New York City area via Cincinnati, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York. For 2012, one of the destinations was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel – a man-made wonder!
Something Exciting
Driving is always top of mind for the group, and one of the aspects of a 48HRS weekend is that part of the route travels fun-to-drive roads. They usually involve sharp turns and hills – a kind of challenge that entices drivers.
Together, the group has driven mountain, valley, and river roads in New York, the New England states, the Virginias, and Pennsylvania. We even found some squirrelly pavement in Indiana and Ohio!
Because of the time of year, snow and ice add a dimension to the drive that makes everyone appreciate all-wheel drive Subaru vehicles.
Something Informative
The group visits tuner and race shops as well. In 2010, 48HRS stopped at EFI Logics in Bethel, Connecticut. Last year, it was Turn in Concepts in Fairfield, Ohio. The 2012 tour included a stop at Mach V Motorsports in Sterling, Virginia.
For many of the participants, these shops are like candy stores to children. The shops sell parts and systems, and they have the facilities to make modifications. These are respected shops that represent years of experience with Subaru powertrains and chassis.




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