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nick wheelock – hillclimb

Nick Wheelock Basics

Photo: Lars Gange |
Age: 31
Home: Colchester, Vermont
Marital Status: Married, with two dogs
Occupation: Heating and ventilating building control specialist
Current Vehicles:
  • 2004 WRX STI
  • 2005 Legacy GT
Hillclimb Participant: Since 2006
First Event: Philo Hillclimb, Charlotte, Vermont
Favorite Event: Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds
Clubs: Sports Car Club of Vermont (SCCV), Killington Sports Car Club (KSCC)

For the last six years, Nick Wheelock has experienced the thrills and excitement of hillclimbing in the east coast regional events of the New England Hillclimb Association (NEHA). “You have a good time and go as fast as you want,” he commented.





Prior to his participation in hillclimbs, Nick Wheelock had attended a few driving schools and had competed in autocross events. These experiences proved helpful as preparation.


Wheelock was introduced to the hillclimb experience by his friends. After working events and watching his friends participate, Wheelock entered his first race – Mt. Philo in Charlotte, Vermont. He fell in love with the events and developed a passion for the speed. He has been hooked ever since.


Why choose hillclimbing? “It’s a lot of fun,” explained Wheelock. “It’s a twisting, winding road, and you don’t have to worry about other traffic. Everybody likes to go driving through the mountain roads on a sunny day, and this just gives you the opportunity to do it.”


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