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Joey Kale of Kale's Custom


Photo: Lars Gange |

After years of being in business for auto body and mechanical repair, Joey Kale began Kale’s Custom five years ago to support his passion for building performance vehicles. Kale specializes in fabrication, exhaust systems, and turbo setup for a variety of vehicles. However, he has found a niche working with Subaru models, on which he does a lot of engine, transmission, and mechanical preparation for racers.


Kale has had an interest in fabrication since he worked in a body shop during high school. While he was not allowed to weld then, “It was something that really intrigued me, and I wanted to progress in,” Kale explained. He saved enough to buy his own welder, and, once he had this toy, he began modifying his own vehicle. He played with fabricating it. Then he took a new drivetrain and put it into an older, lighter chassis.


With this he had an advantage over the field and began hillclimbing. Kale has been hillclimbing for the last five years in the East Coast region of the NEHA. He went three full years without missing any of the seven NEHA events, and he was crowned NEHA’s King of the Hill for three straight years.


Due to timing, Kale was unable to participate in many events last year. That included the Mt. Washington Hillclimb, even though he was the first person in the country to register and be accepted for the event.


For more information on Kale's Custom, visit

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