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Driving Impressions:
2013 Subaru BRZ

The BRZ is good looking, fun to drive, and quick. (One of the auto enthusiast magazines clocked 0-60-mph times in the low six-second range.) But it isn’t acceleration or blindingly fast speed that you want with a sports car like the BRZ. You want crisp handling and predictable control, and that’s exactly what it delivers. That’s probably why demand for the car worldwide has been so incredible!


Fuel Economy on my drive
  • Miles drive: 748.9 (mix of high-speed interstate highway, two-lane roads, mountain roads, city)
  • Gallons of fuel: 24.4
  • Miles per gallon: 30.7

Yes, I Want One!


The BRZ is a great 2+2 sports car. It’s not so muscular or twitchy that you would avoid using it as a daily driver. The BRZ would excel in that role, then give you a competent performer for weekend activities such as … say … autocrossing. Autocrossers, let us know!


The reviews of this car have been phenomenal! See for yourself. Search online for road tests and driving impressions by the automotive press.




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