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WRX modifications 
for the street


Technician Modifications


Shaun Jacobs WRX Kurt Rezzetano WRX
When asked which new WRX model he would prefer, Jacobs replied, “I would want a white sedan with tinted windows.” Jacobs, who lives in Vermont, sent us these choices for modifications and notes. Rezzetano’s proposed modifications also are for a WRX Sedan. He considers it “… the ultimate WRX for daily driving and having fun at the track.” Rezzetano’s choices and notes follow.




SJ Drivetrain KR Drivetrain
  • Group N engine, gearbox, and rear differential mounts
  • VSC pitching stopper
  • Hard shifter bushings
  • EXEDY Stage 2 clutch
  • Spec stage one clutch
  • PERRIN rear diff cover – “Larger capacity and ability to add diff cooler.”
  • Diff and trans cooler – “Both custom built.”

WRX STI 5-Door drivetrain shown.
SJ Suspension KR Suspension
  • Custom rear arms with bearings
  • TEIN® Type HG dampers
  • Note: “The roads are rough in Vermont, and I would raise the car 20mm from its standard ride height for the winter and lower it 10mm from standard for the summer.”
  • KW V3 coil overs – “They have the most adjustability, and KW builds a decent shock that actually works.”
  • PERRIN sway bars front and rear: front 25mm, rear 22mm – “They are adjustable and have the best rate. PERRIN sway bar links to go with the bars.”
  • Custom-built Phoenix control arm bushings and custom camber bolts and rear camber bushings – “For correct alignment.” 

SJ Engine KR Engine
  • Front-mount intercooler with custom aluminum piping
  • VENAIR hoses
  • Larger Garrett® turbocharger
  • Reflashed ECU
  • Custom crankcase breather tank and hoses
  • Custom exhaust and hard shifter bushings
  • COBB AccessPORT – “Need this to tune and adjust boost and get rid of check engine light for no cats.”
  • Invidia catless down pipe – “Need to get rid of cats for heat issues while doing track days and autocross.”
  • Invidia full exhaust behind down pipe – “Less restriction, and this exhaust isn’t ridiculously loud.”
  • PERRIN top mount intercooler – “Twice the capacity and can handle more boost when turned up with the COBB AccessPORT.”
  • PERRIN cold air intake – “I like this intake because the MAF housing is calibrated the same size as stock. This is key.”
  • Ron Davis custom radiator with integrated engine oil cooler












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