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2012 Alcan 5000
Winter Rally


Subaru Vehicles Tackle Alcan



The first Winter Alcan 5000 in 1986 was won with a Subaru RX 4x4. That was the first of nine Subaru overall wins and many class wins. Subaru vehicles included Legacy Wagon, RS, Outback, SVX, and Forester models. A Baja ran well one year. Subaru presence became a factor in 2000, with eight of the 23 teams running them. By 2008 it was 11 of 24, including five Forester, four WRX, and two RS models.


For 2012, the list included 13 Subaru vehicles out of 25 – four Forester, two Outback, one Legacy GT, one 2.5 RS, one STi, and four WRX models.


Why so many Forester models? They offer clearance for deep snow, but also space for luggage, winter emergency gear, and extra fuel capacity. Handling and dependability are always up to the challenge.


Subaru vehicles are popular choices for rally officials. The record snow and ice on the 2012 event put so many competitors into the deep snow that crew and entrant Subaru teams often were helping the sweep truck crews with rescue duty.


No rally can function without a dedicated – usually volunteer – support group. Course survey, TSD checkpoint determinations, and timing are essential. On long-distance extended-day events, these skills must be supplemented with well-equipped sweep/rescue/satellite communications rigs. Kevin Barrows plus Joe and Shirley Gardner have provided this vital support with their trucks.


Rallymaster Jerry Hines drove a stock 2002 WRX in the 2012 Winter Rally. Hines has been involved in rally since 1965, including Pro Rally, One Lap of America, participant in stage events in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and India. Chief scorer and veteran Alcan competitor and car prep expert Steve Perret drove with Kathryn Hansen in his Impreza.


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