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Subaru Rally Support Program


The Subaru Rally Support Program is managed by Subaru of America, Inc. in partnership with Vermont SportsCar.  It continues to be the most lucrative contingency program in North American rallying, offering more than $20,000 to Subaru drivers at each Rally America National Championship event. The program focuses support on the popular Super Production (SP) class within the Rally America National Championship. The top finishing eligible Subaru SP driver will earn $7,000 at each round. SP drivers in 2nd through 10th place receive generous payouts as well.


In addition to this continued support to SP class participants at Rally America National Championship events, Subaru also offers a $200 “start fund” to any eligible Subaru team entered in a Rally America Regional rally that runs concurrent to a national event weekend.


Complete program rules and regulations are available at:


For more information about the Rally America SP class, please refer to the Rally America rule book and rule bulletins at

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