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Subaru Motorsports:
2012 Midseason Review


Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA)


Photo: Lars Gange |

For SRT USA, David Higgins/Craig Drew lead the Rally America National Championship in stage rally. After winning the Rally America National Championship last year, Higgins/Drew have returned to Rally America’s stage rally series to defend it. Through the first four rounds of six, Higgins/Drew have brought home #75 WRX STI to podium finishes four times.


The team won the Sno*Drift Rally in January by almost two minutes – an eternity in rally terms. Doing so, they had to deal with unusually warm temperatures for Michigan, and then with snow and changing conditions.


Higgins/Drew took the second step of the podium at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Even though the racing was tight between SRT USA and its closest season-long rivals, they both dropped out. SRT USA’s 2nd-place finish ensured a healthy series lead.


SRT USA dominated at the Oregon Trail Rally, where Higgins/Drew finished 4 minutes, 26 seconds ahead of the 2nd-place team.


At the Susquehannock Trail Rally in Pennsylvania, SRT USA overcame mechanical issues to claim 2nd.


As we send this issue to the printer, SRT USA anticipates the New England rally in July and September’s final round in Washington.

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