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BRZ – Another Dream Come True



My Subaru BRZ is a dream come true. I have been waiting for a performance, affordable, and sexy sports car for so long. That dream became a reality early May as I picked up my car. The first time I laid my eyes on my silver BRZ Limited AT it was love at first sight. The lines were clean and meaningful, the stance low and secure. This was definitely a lean and mean boxer, ready to pounce on the road.


I have been driving my BRZ for over a week now, and I have nothing but praise for it. The automatic transmission is crisp and fast. The steering is communicative and direct, without any hesitation to where I wanted to go. The engine is very rev happy and has a nice low thrum that resonates subtlety in the cabin. The dashboard is well laid out and easy to read with the tachometer in the center. The seats are nicely bolstered and definitely hug you during cornering. The dual-zone climate and heated seats are a definite must for me as I live with four seasons in the Northwest.


The BRZ no doubt is a good-looking car. A Mustang GT driver gave me a thumbs-up on the highway. People have been pulling out their cellphones and taking pics of the BRZ on the freeway. Friends have dropped by my house to look at the BRZ. I even had a sweet 70-year-old lady come up to me in the grocery parking lot just to compliment me on how beautiful the BRZ is.


I really love my BRZ. It has given all that I have ever wanted in a sports car that I can buy. This enjoyment has come to me even with the constraints of just driving the car around on the street. I can only imagine how big my grin will be once I take my BRZ to the track.


Elbert Perez, Kent, WA

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