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Letters from Readers


STI Garage


In the Winter 2012 issue of Drive, you have an article about ultimate garages. The people had some fancy garages, but none had Subaru vehicles. And most of the garages I would think would not be a Subaru owner’s style.


So I thought I would send in my garage. It has two 2011 STI packed in there. Plus, it has a few snowboards, recycling bin, and stuff to keep my dream cars clean. It’s a little more functional and down to earth – like a typical Subaru owner.


My wife got her STI in October 2010, and by July 2011 I caved and got my own STI. It was just too much fun to drive her car.


We use them for everything, including hauling our Dobermans.


>> Michael Kulawiak, Kent, WA



Garage Beautiful


Michael Kulawiak’s email is one of a number of letters and emails that we received concerning the article on garages in Winter 2012 Drive. In that article, we requested that Subaru owners tell us about their garages. Find a letter about Peter Duty’s garage, along with photos, with the Summer 2012 issue of Drive.


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