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Behind the Scenes:
Wicked Big Meet, Subiefest, and
Big Northwest Subaru Meet

To Subaru enthusiasts, Wicked Big Meet, Subiefest, and Big Northwest Subaru Meet need no introduction. To those of you who have never attended, you are missing out!


Eight years ago, the first of the all-Subaru events began. Wicked Big Meet was established in the Northeast and Subiefest began in the Northwest. In 2012, more than 7,000 Subaru enthusiasts collectively attended the three events.

Here’s what Robert Champion, event organizer and promoter, enjoys about the events: “I get to hang out with my closest friend while putting on an event for all my other friends. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for that. My favorite element for photos is the exhaust competition. It shows car enthusiasm at its core, people gathered around, into the spirit of revving engines and having a good time.”

“The key element behind this is that it is run by genuine Subaru enthusiasts. We are all just doing what we would want to have ourselves. The event is largely about learning things about the cars and finding examples of what you might want to do to your own, but it's ultimately about being with friends. The friendships and community is really what drives these events to make them happen."

– Robert Champion


What: Largest all-Subaru events in the United States

Where: Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest

Why: According to Robert Champion, the events work because they are community-driven by genuine Subaru enthusiasts


Event must-haves:

  • Thousands of die-hard Subaru enthusiasts
  • Motorsport/driving element
  • A huge vendor row
  • Epic giveaways
  • An exhaust competition







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