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The Mountain Said, No!
Rebuilding the Zenkai WRX STI

Zenkai Motorsports Team WRX STI – Time Attack Beauty 


Zenkai Motorsports then proceeded to rebuild its WRX STI as a time attack car, which was its original form before being repurposed for Pikes Peak. However, this time the team built the car to a higher level.


Following are some of the modifications.


Changes at the Front


  • Zenkai tapped C-West for the air dam and grille enclosure.
  • Crawford Performance supplied the rear wing.
  • CSF put together a custom-built, all-aluminum radiator for the car. The radiator core is larger than usual, resulting in greater cooling efficiency.
  • An HKS R-Spec front-mount intercooler chills the air and exhaust gas mixture before it is sent into the cylinders through custom aluminum piping, connected at vital points via Adel Wiggins clamps.



Engine Work


  • The reliable and capable Subaru block halves serve as the engine’s foundation.
  • Zenkai partner Turbo by Garrett supplied a GTX turbocharger to significantly boost power output.
  • Upgrades for handling the additional power produced by the new powerplant include forged internal components, a Gates timing belt, and ACL race bearings. The heads were machined at Heads By Rick and built in-house by Mori Walker, using Ferrea valves, springs, and retainers on both the exhaust and intake ports. Additionally, the combustion chamber and exhaust ports were ported and bowled.
  • The original equipment Subaru throttle plate also was included. Cosworth’s intake manifold, fuel rails, thermostat, and oil pump all were installed.
  • Carbonetic’s blade clutch was inserted between the engine and stock WRX STI 6-speed gearbox.
  • To anchor the newly built engine and transmission to the chassis with a higher level of stiffness over stock, Tomioka Racing sent over a set of engine and transmission mounts.
  • Adding color to the engine bay, custom orange Samco radiator hoses connect the radiator and engine block.
  • New parts were sent off to Snail Motorsports for powder coating and returned bright orange, ready for installation.


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