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Drive Performance WRX: PART 7 –
Our baby goes to college



Final Numbers


We ended our time with the DP WRX on April 1, 2012. That’s the point from which the final tally for its mileage, fuel, expenses, etc., has been taken. The car’s odometer read 38,207 miles; overall, it was mechanically sound; and there was plenty of rubber left on the tires. Except for a few rough spots in the DP WRX wrap, it was like new.


In addition to fuel costs, we had the following expenses:

  • Subaru Added Security Maintenance Plan
  • Additional maintenance: $461.99
  • Modifications: $5,227.03

The Decision


The last time we drove the DP WRX, we ended up in Virginia. It was on the last leg of its final journey from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Subaru of America, Inc. headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We only saw it once again after it was driven away from the sunset, toward a gas station, in Roanoke, and that was when we turned over the keys.


We could have sent our favorite WRX in any of several directions from that parting in Roanoke. As a leased vehicle, it could have been turned in and sold by a dealer as a previously driven car, or the magazine could have extended the lease or bought the car. The staff also discussed donating it to any one of a number of schools to be used in auto technology training classes.


Ultimately, the staff at Subaru decided to make the DP WRX a gift to Penn State University.


Before we could hand off the car, we returned it to stock – all of the Genuine Subaru Performance Parts and Accessories were removed. So were the wrap and O.Z. wheels.


On hand to turn over the DP WRX to Penn State were Subaru CMO Dean Evans (left) and Penn State GATE Program personnel
Dr. Joel R. Anstrom (center) and graduate student Max Ripepi (right).

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