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Observations from the Subaru Booth



by Christina Valente and Marlena Hnat


It was exciting to see the passion among Subaru enthusiasts and just how loyal and determined owners are to learn about everything Subaru.


At the booth, recurring topics included Subaru safety, Badge of Ownership, and curiosity about prospective Subaru vehicle mods. Owners told us their favorite stories regarding their past, present, and future Subaru vehicles. Stories ranged from places to which they’ve driven to mods they’ve planned. It was amazing to hear each unique story, all revolving around one common theme – “I LOVE my Subaru.”



We also saw tons of Subaru Gear, from shirts, to water bottles, to hats. Available Subaru Gear brochures showed the new collection, which was a huge hit! Enthusiasts loved the styles and were eager to order some cool new outfits. They seemed knowledgeable about special Subaru programs, including the Badge of Ownership.



A handful of people, though, were not familiar with the badges. It was a blast explaining what the Badge of Ownership is – and, best of all, that it’s FREE. A set of badges displayed on the Drive Performance WRX demonstrated how they can display an owner’s passions. The most popular badge hands-down was the Rally badge; everyone went crazy over it!


Overall, our first WBM experience was AMAZING! It was a great “welcome aboard” treat that taught us a lot.


We’ve never seen so many tricked-out Subaru vehicles all in one place! Each one had a different feel and flavor; it was really cool!

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