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Subaru Motorsports:
2012 Q+A


Photos: Lars Gange |



James Han: “With the recently formed Global Rallycross Championship, we jumped in with our all-new Subaru PUMA RallyCross Team anchored by three drivers in Sverre [Isachsen], Dave [Mirra], and Bucky [Lasek].


Realistically, we knew that developing 550+ hp WRX STIs to compete against teams with years of experience in cars already fully developed in the European Rallycross Championship would prove challenging. Intensive development and testing have been staples for this program, with our goal for 2013 to better position our team for wins and podiums.”




Dave Mirra: “The 2012 season was a learning year for everyone. We know what we need to do, so I’m really looking forward to 2013.”




What are your thoughts on next year’s season?


Dave Mirra: “Really excited for a fresh start. We have a great crew, so I’m looking forward to what is to come.”


How do you plan to prepare in the off-season?


Dave Mirra: “Bucky just opened my eyes to the importance of a simulator race seat. I’m excited to put in some miles this winter.”


How do you prepare for individual races? Do you have a routine?


Dave Mirra: “Nothing over the top, but what is important to me on race day is having confidence with myself and the car. This is so much fun so that is the goal.


“What an opportunity Subaru, PUMA, Vermont SportsCar, and Monster have given me!”


Do you have any superstitions on race day?


Dave Mirra: “None.”


Do you request any special meals on race day or any other accommodations?


Dave Mirra: “No. Not yet. If I win a few consecutive races back to back, that might change. Kidding.


“We are a simple group, and I like it that way.”


Do you prefer wet or dry weather driving?


Dave Mirra: Either, but I’ll go with dry to really get the full rallycross experience. LOL.”


White or chocolate milk?


Dave Mirra: “Neither.”


Favorite food?


Dave Mirra: “Italian.”


Favorite vegetable?


Dave Mirra: “All.”


Right-handed or left-handed?


Dave Mirra: “Right.”


Pepsi or Coke®?


Dave Mirra: Neither.”


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